BRUTAL GADGET - WE ARE BRUTAL (Official Video) ─ El Rincón De Giorgio

*New Album QUEEN OF HOLES coming soon*
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Brutal Gagdet are:
- Lead Singer: Johnny Brutal
- Lead Guitar: Diamond Jack
- Rhythm Guitar: Rek
- Bass: Lizzy Starz
- Drums: JJ

Music & Lyrics: Javi Carry & BB Plaza
Jordi Wild: Vocals
Javi Carry: Drums & Backing vocals
BB Plaza: Guitar & Bass

DIrected by Victor Català @victorrr_catala
Edit and Colour by Marc Agudo @marcagudophoto
Camara assistant: Guillem Lafoz @guillemlafoz
Light Technician: Berta RC @rocketqueen
Making Off: Andrea @aevisuals_

Special thanks to Papa Giorgio @papagiorgioreal


You just can't scape from the Brutal Attack
No where to hide no where to run
Global disease is here no turning back

You just can't stop hearing our name
Don't fear baby come out and play
Welcome to the Brutal Gadget show

Heavy metal is our game
Living fast is the only way
We are the fire we burn the place
Hey you! This is what we say

The only band you wanted now
Thrashing all around
Sex & drugs and fuck you all
Brutal gadget heavy metal band

The night is young and we're hungry for more
We're looking for you yeah! Restless souls
Tonight all hell
All hell
All hell breakes loose

Come come and have some fun
Devil's dance have just begun
Boys and girls big guns
This party ain't over til we fall

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